Two new technological breakdown dedicated to Prime Editors and CRISPR-Transposases in our CRISPR Patent Database



Neuchâtel, November 08, 2022

CENTREDOC, Swiss Center for Data Search, Analysis and Synthesis, today announced that it is refining its categorization and adding two new sub-categories to its CRISPR patent monitoring, in order to keep up with recent trends:

Prime Editors: Prime Editing differs from traditional CRISPR Genome Editing technologies in that it allows targeted editing without generating double-strand breaks in DNA. Also, targeted insertions can be achieved without the need for donor DNA templates.

CRISPR-associated Transposases (CAST): CAST is a recent technology that has the potential to enable large and precise genomic modifications without the need for DNA repair associated with conventional CRISPR-Cas editing.

The addition of these two categories is of particular interest to CENTREDOC customers for whom monitoring advances in the CRISPR field is essential. They can now identify players having patent portfolio protecting said recent CRISPR technologies (e.g. for licensing-in purposes).



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