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Since 1964, CENTREDOC has been the special partner of Swiss and European

companies for all their strategic information needs.





CENTREDOC is your key partner for all your Business Intelligence and Technology Monitoring needs

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State of the art, Novelty, Freedom to operate, Patent landscape: for all your information search needs, CENTREDOC can provide a team of highly-trained scientists and engineers, specialising in database querying, information collection, analysis and synthesis.


We can provide you with our patent monitoring expertise, acquired through more than 50 years’ experience serving the most demanding companies. Our patent analysts are there for you throughout your strategic project, from setting up to managing your patent monitoring. Our monitoring services are based on our platform RAPID, a secure, centralised and easy-to-use tool.


Whether to provide your staff with basic training or a comprehensive course, CENTREDOC offers a catalogue of courses covering all aspects of intellectual property with a focus on strategy, management and technology transfer. CENTREDOC is IEEPI’s exclusive partner in Switzerland.


Setting up monitoring, managing an innovation process or organising the strategic information flow in your company are activities which require experience and proven processes. CENTREDOC’s staff are on-hand to provide you with the benefit of their experience.



RAPID is a comprehensive and multi-source monitoring solution enabling single-platform management of all your company’s patent and scientific publication information flows. A benchmark in the field of monitoring for more than fifteen years, RAPID covers the most advanced requirements in terms of intellectual property, technological, scientific and competition monitoring.

  • Search

    Your private and secure search tool.

  • Monitor

    RAPID enables you to use professional sources and leading analysis tools.

  • Collaborate

    RAPID offers sharing, enrichment and collaboration functions, as well as workflows.

  • Disseminate

    Give everyone the relevant information in the appropriate format.

Our publications


RIH, “Watchmaking Inventions Review”, provides monthly reports on the new patents in the fields of mechanical watchmaking and electronic watchmaking, as well as related branches such as exteriors or electronic components.


INFOMAT provides – 10 times a year – a selection of publications and patents relating to materials, their production and shaping methods for watchmaking applications.

3D Printing Technologies

3Dpat is a patent monitoring service enabling you to keep abreast of technological developments, the players and applications in the field of 3D printing. It covers 52 countries, 17 technical categories and applications, and 19 specific companies.

CENTREDOC in 4 figures


CENTREDOC was created 56 years ago, in 1964, as a centre of excellence in technology monitoring for the Swiss watchmaking industry.


CENTREDOC is a cooperative comprising 32 member companies, including Swatch Group, Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, TAG Heuer and Nestlé.


CENTREDOC currently has a workforce of 19, specialised in technology monitoring and strategic consultancy in innovation.


CENTREDOC serves more than 150 clients every year. These include: Nestlé, Swatch, Essilor, Sanofi, Scott Sport and Armasuisse.