Swiss Center For Data Analysis

Make safe technology decisions, no matter how complex the situation is.

Let our solutions and data intelligence become your competitive advantage!

Today’s business world is fast-paced with decreasing time to market and shorter innovation cycles.

Profound knowledge of the constantly changing market, technological and competitor environment has become a decisive factor for company success.

Our search tools, data sources, workflow solutions and in-house experts provide actionable insights and intelligence to help you succeed.


We combine machine intelligence with human expertise to search, collect, monitor and enrich data to make your business successful.

By partnering with us, you will obtain tailored solutions dedicated to your specific needs.

Let us talk and evaluate how we can successfully support your business.


“State-Of-The-Art”, “Novelty”, “Freedom-To-Operate”, “Patent Landscape”: for all your information search needs, the Swiss Center for Data Analysis can provide a team of highly-trained scientists and engineers, specialising in database querying, information collection, analysis and synthesis.


We can provide you with our patent monitoring expertise, acquired through almost 60 years’ experience serving the most demanding companies. Our patent analysts are there for you throughout your strategic project, from setting up to managing your patent monitoring. Our monitoring services are based on our platform RAPID, a secure, centralised and easy-to-use tool.


A reference in the field of technology monitoring for more than 20 years, RAPID is a key element of the strategic information system of many leading innovative companies. RAPID has all the features you would expect from a modern centralization and sharing tool, including AI, Semantic Language Analysis and an Expert Management System.


Setting up monitoring, managing an innovation process or organising the strategic information flow in your company are activities which require experience and proven processes. The staff of the Swiss Center For Data Analysis is on-hand to provide you with the benefit of their experience.

Example Reports

We monitor and analyse classical as well as emerging topics – according to the priority of the business. The types of reports are adapted to individual customer needs.

Blockchain plays an ever-growing importance in the business of our customers. We provide a weekly update on latest trends and developments.

Our AI-application allows to filter out the really relevant information of a multitude of noise – in a quick, safe and efficient way.

Do you know who knows what in your company? Our expert system is the perfect way to get the overview.

Technology Readiness is a key factor of product success. Our report helps you to assess where you or your suppliers stand before you engage.

Focus on markets, customers, competitors and clients. Our reports provide you with the key information at the right time.

You need to know if your idea already exists? No problem. This semantic language based search tool tells you in 30 seconds.

Expected to be a game changer like the Internet, it is a key technology that we monitor closely and on a monthly basis.

Given Apple’s recent annoucements in the area of VR/AR, how is this technology going to affect our private and business lifes? The VR/AR monitoring tells you on a weekly basis.

Our Core Values

As a Swiss company, quality, discretion, trust, security, responsibility , precision and independency are part of our DNA since 59 years.


We measure our success by the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our clients. Our services are optimally tailored to the exact needs of our clients and shared commitment of sustainable relationships.


Since our work is dedicated to confidential strategic topics, we consider discretion as the lifeblood of our client engagements.


Our culture is based on trust with an open discourse and respect. We don’t aim for quick wins but for long lasting and sustainable relationships with both our internal and external stakeholders, i.e. clients, partners and employees.


While we consider our customers as partners, we attach the greatest importance to the security of their ideas and the protection of their data. Therefore all data is hosted and stored exclusively in Switzerland.


As a private cooperative and non-profit organization, we are economically, politically and professionally independent – an essential necessity for our stability and sustainable success since almost 60 years.


Our flat hierarchies provide individual independence and personal responsibility which allows us to make sophisticated and quick decisions to the benefit of our clients.


The ability to think beyond the scope and link theoretical knowledge to practical skills is the result of our highly qualified engineers and employees. Our work deliverables are laser focused in accordance with our clients objectives.


All our products and services are “Swiss Made”. All data are hosted on Servers owned by CENTREDOC and hosted in Switzerland. Our IT applications fulfill the criteria of “Swiss Made Software”,  and all the code is in the hands of the company.

The Tool

Restitution of data, categorization, analysis and synthesis of patents, publications and web contents are our daily bred. We do it with highest efficiency in the supplier-independent all-in-one Platform RAPID 5.



RAPID is a comprehensive and multi-source monitoring solution enabling single-platform management of all your company’s patent and scientific publication information flows. A benchmark in the field of monitoring for more than fifteen years, RAPID covers the most advanced requirements in terms of intellectual property, technological, scientific and competition monitoring.

  • Search

    Your private and secure search tool.

  • Monitor

    RAPID enables you to use professional sources and leading analysis tools.

  • Collaborate

    RAPID offers sharing, enrichment and collaboration functions, as well as workflows.

  • Disseminate

    Give everyone the relevant information in the appropriate format.

The Swiss Center For Data Analysis in 4 figures


The Swiss Center For Data Analysis was created 59 years ago, in 1964, as a centre of excellence in technology monitoring for the Swiss watchmaking industry.


The Swiss Center For Data Analysis is a cooperative comprising 32 member companies, including Swatch Group, Rolex, Maxon, Patek Philippe, TAG Heuer and Scott Sport.


The Swiss Center For Data Analysis currently has a workforce of 22, specialised in technology monitoring and strategic consultancy in innovation.


The Swiss Center For Data Analysis serves more than 150 clients every year. These include: Nestlé, Swatch, Essilor, Sanofi, Scott Sport and Armasuisse.