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We are pleased to participate in the EPHJ event as an exhibitor! Come and visit us in order to exchange on various themes of the watchmaking world as well as to discover our CENTREDOC cooperative.

A competition will be held on our stand with attractive prizes!

We hope to see you at stand R54!


Seminar INFOMAT « SURFACE TEXTURING » hybrid edition



Le prochain séminaire INFOMAT, organisé par CENTREDOC, aura lieu le 15 juin à Neuchâtel. Pour sa 47ème édition, les conférenciers invités aborderont des sujets liés à la texturation de surface. Des intervenants issus du monde académique et de l’industrie sont prêts à partager leurs expériences dans un large spectre d’applications, allant de l’amélioration des performances tribologiques des surfaces à leur structuration par des techniques de décoration de pointe. L’objectif de cet événement n’est pas seulement de discuter des défis auxquels les spécialistes sont confrontés et de leurs solutions, mais aussi de susciter une pensée innovante et de promouvoir les collaborations.

Que ce soit en streaming ou en personne à Neuchâtel, nous nous réjouissons d’explorer avec vous le monde de la texturation de surface au travers d’un programme riche et dynamique !


The next INFOMAT seminar, organized by CENTREDOC, is going to take place on June 15th in Neuchâtel. For its 47th edition, invited speakers are addressing topics related to Surface texturing. Speakers from academia and industry are ready to share their experiences in a broad spectrum of applications from improving the tribological performance of surfaces to structuring them with state-of-the art and precise decoration techniques. The scope of this event is not only to discuss the challenges that the specialists face and their solutions but also to inspire innovative thinking and promote collaborations.

Whether it is via streaming or in person in Neuchatel, we are looking forward to exploring the world of Surface Texturing with you through a rich and dynamic program!

Date : 15.06.2022 – Lieu : Bâtiment du CSEM, Neuchâtel ou streaming



Centredoc acquires the patent analytics business from IPStudies


CENTREDOC and IPStudies today announced that CENTREDOC has acquired the patent analytics assets and operations from IPStudies as of Jan 1st, 2022. The transferred assets include the internationally renowned patent landscapes and patent monitoring services developed by IPStudies since 2014 on the revolutionary CRISPR genome editing technology. IPStudies customers will benefit from the latest advances in patent multi-categorization and multi-source feeds as developed by Centredoc with the breakthrough RAPID5 patent monitoring suite.

Corinne Le Buhan, CEO of IPStudies, said: “CENTREDOC has many years of experience in serving patent monitoring and business intelligence to a diversity of industries in Europe and will bring the IPStudies offering to the next level. With this transfer, we assure the sustainable growth of our patent analytics services demand, as biotech and medtech C-levels are more and more combining patent data with scientific publications and business intelligence to develop their IP strategy plans. ” Harald Jenny, CEO of CENTREDOC, said: “We are delighted to integrate the excellent patent analytics knowhow and life sciences expertise of IPStudies with a strong perspective of further growth through our latest RAPID5 tools and associated services.”

For more information:
Corinne LeBuhan, +41 79 787 57 46
Harald Jenny, +41 79 435 11 80

About RAPID5



In the 21st century more than ever before, reliable information is the key to industrial success. As early as the 1960s, the Swiss watchmaking industry set up a structure responsible for technological and commercial monitoring. Since then, the Centredoc cooperative has added monitoring connected watches, artificial intelligence and 3D printing to its range of information. Its director, Harald Jenny, answered our questions.




CENTREDOC est très fier d’être un partenaire privilégié de Microcity – Pôle d’innovation Neuchâtel et de son programme PME.

Merci à toute l’équipe de nous mettre aujourd’hui à l’honneur avec cette interview qui détaille notre contribution à l’écosystème d’innovation Suisse.



10th anniversary IP Service World


Assemblée Générale 2019

CENTREDOC vous invite à son Assemblée Générale le 5 juin 2019, dès 14h00.

L’événement se déroulera dans le bâtiment du CSEM à Neuchâtel.


Assemblée générale 2019

*L’assemblée générale est réservée aux sociétaires uniquement.

Conférence publique « De la carte RIH à la RIH dédiée »
Les enjeux de la digitalisation pour les veilles technologiques
Introduction et exemples pratiques

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5 facts about solar-powered watches patents

Solar Watches Patent Applications by country of 1st application

Solar-powered watches have been on the market for a while. The first commercial products appeared in the 70’s and this technology attracted a lot of attention when Citizen released its first Eco-Drive model in the 90’s. Solar cell development for the watch industry (technology and integration) has also produced a large number of patent applications in several countries since the 70’s. CENTREDOC, a Swiss Business Intelligence company operating since 1964 for the watch industry, has collected and analysed all the solar-powered watch related patents. The result is a 70 pages Patent Landscape from which the following 5 facts are extracted.

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#1 – Solar cell development for watch applications is a growing technology

The first patent on this topic has been applied in 1970, by the Japanese company Seiko Epson. Since this origin, 1’217 patent families have been issued on this topic. In 2014, last year for which a comprehensive statistic may be established due to the 18 months delay between a patent application and its publication, solar-powered watch related patent applications have increased by 9.6% in comparison to 2013. 101 patent applications were made worldwide in 2014.

#2 – Japan leads the way

As mentioned in the introduction, the first patent application related to solar-powered watch was made by Seiko, a Japanese company. This country stays the leader in terms of patent application number with 870 patent families, representing 71% of all topic-related patent families published in the world. Second is China (169 families, 14% of the total) and third is USA (58 families, 5%). Switzerland is 4th with 28 patent families (2% of the total). Despite a late start (2006), China is now second with a yearly increase of 42% in 2014 (Japan had a 6% increase between 2013 and 2014). 8 out of 10 top patent applicants are based in Japan.

#3 – Citizen is the most prolific patent applicant in the field

Seiko Epson was the first company to fill patents about solar-powered watches and remained the first applicant in terms of number of patents for almost 25 years. In 1993, Citizen (2nd to Seiko) initiated a R&D move that gave him the lead position over Seiko three years later (1996). These two companies remain the most dominant patent applicants in this field with 566 combined patent families, retaining together more than 46% of all published patent families related to solar-powered watch.

#4 – Most of patents cover cells technology or their integration in watch dial

37% of solar-powered watch related patent applications are protecting cell technology itself. 35% are about the integration of solar cells atop or under the watch dial. Integration on watch band is one of the most recent topic but draws a lot of interest from Chinese companies and is now the third topic with most patent applications.

#5 – Swatch is the only European company of the top 10 applicants ranking

With 31 patents related to solar-powered watch applications, the Swatch Group ranks 6th of the top applicant list. It is the only European company to enter the top 10 and one of the two non-Asian company of the list (the other being the US based Qualcomm who ranks 10th). Swatch Group was the third company to enter the patent game on this topic in 1976, after Seiko (1970) and Citizen (1973).

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